Non&Nik – Batik Clothing Co. (Non&Nik) was founded in December, 2013. Its beginnings originated from a small workshop located in a small city in Central Java, Indonesia and like any other home industry businesses, Non&Nik started simply from a passion, a passion for Batik.

Batik has been around in Indonesia for as long as anyone can remember, dating all the way back to hundreds of years ago. It was a tradition and a heritage passed down from one generation to the next that was used not only by the common people, but also the Kings and the Queens. The patterns of Batik itself is vast and variety, even more so today with different cities of Indonesia having different characteristics and traits of its own Batik design.

The aspiration to design and bring the beautiful heritage of Indonesia’s Batik Art to the world is what became the fundamental values and vision of Non&Nik.

Non&Nik strives to be different and distinguished itself from the rest for its boldness to experiment and break new grounds in its designs in order to be the trendsetter in the industry. Every design is contemporary and unique whilst still remaining true to its traditional Batik Art roots.

Come and join Non&Nik on its journey today to mesmerise you with its traditionally contemporary products, made for international.